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Well the track arrived so I got straight to work and put it as I want my layout. I was very pleased in that I had no electrical problems with one feeder for each line. The railcar didnt seem to have any problems with any of the points but next week i’ll try out the rest of my locos. I can’t see the Black Five being happy with the #4 set of points.


Well I finally did it… I placed the order for the rest of my Unitrack. This means i’ve spent over £250 on the track alone for my layout. Now i’ve got to try and recoup some of that money by selling my old peco set track and some of my old hornby locos.

My board is based on a fictional railway set in a real place (Leicestershire). As for the time period i’m planning on having it set in the late 60s, allowing me to use a wide range of rolling stock (Steam and Diesel).
To make track laying easier i’m planning on using Kato Unitrack for my board. With that in mind I have designed a track plan.

The majority of the loop will be temporary track and will not be extensively modelled. However the main station area will be modelled on an actual baseboard to allow it to be used as a stand alone layout when I don’t want continuous running.

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I spotted this on eBay and couldn’t resist, especially seeing as you can’t buy them anywhere any more, and this livery is even rarer than the blue one.

Apparently it’s in great conditon and runs well. Looks like its time to get looking for some more carriages!

Today I purchased a Centro 150/1 2 Car DMU. This should fit in perfectly with the late 90s era i’m trying to recreate. It’s also great because the Central Trains units were very common in the Midlands.