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Here’s my first (almost) finished Dystopian Wars ship for the Federated States of America.

Again, the picture quality is absolutely rubbish, but I think it looks pretty decent in reality. If anyone is interested it is painted as follows

  • ¬†Undercoat Black.
  • Paint metallics with Copper (Tamiya).
  • Paint other metallic areas with Boltgun Metal.
  • Paint Decking with Snakebite Leather.
  • Paint sides of hull and turret with Shadow Grey.
  • Paint Shield Dome Enchanted Blue and Gloss Varnish.

I’ve also been doing some work on my Battleship



Last night I started painting my fleet. It wasn’t until I started that I realised how fiddly they are to paint, due to the huge amount if detail on them. Anyway I tried to get a cruiser nearly finished as you can see just here



I must also apologise for the poor quality of the pictures. They were taken late last night with my phone camera.